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Max Moment: The Hawker Hart


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In Max’s first adventures on Cabrito, a World War Two airplane called the “Hawker Hart” plays a key role. Here is what the book has to say about the plane:
“The Hawker Hart was an airplane whose time never came. A sturdy biplane built by Great Britain between the Wars, it came in both fighter and bomber versions. By the opening of hostilities, however, it was hopelessly obsolete–no match for the Japanese Zeros or German Messerschmitts. Still, the hardy planes were put to use in behind-the-lines operations, and in the defense of places that had little chance of being attacked.
“Made out of metal–not the flimsy canvas of World War I-era planes–the two-seater Hawker Hart was different in other ways as well. Its nose came to a sharp point, and in contrast to the usual arrangement, the pilot sat in front while the passenger sat in back. The passenger seat was also equipped with an air-cooled machine-gun, giving the plane a sting as well as a bite.”
For more detailed information on this fascinating plane, check out this site, which includes an in-depth history as well as updates on several restoration projects.
And of course, if you are interested in knowing how this figures in to the story of a missionary on a tropical island, read The Astonishing Adventures of Missionary Max.

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