Last month the combined ladies associations of the state of Ceará held their annual retreat. This year’s venue was a resort near the city of Martins, in the neighboring state of Rio Grande do Norte. Because we lack our own state association, our Maranhão churches are associated with the Ceará churches. And this year, for the first time ever, the ladies association of Maranhão was present en masse at the Ceará ladies retreat.

The adventure began at the São Luís airport.


In Fortaleza they switched to a bus and continued the trip to Martins.


The women from Maranhão at the resort.


The surrounding area provides many opportunities to take in the beauty of God’s creation.

There was even a cave to explore.

And explore they did.


A couple of beautiful spelunkers!


Back at the resort Itacyara (aka The Brazilian Bombshell) participated in leadership meetings.


But it wasn’t all business. Itá and another lady from our church entered an “Italian Night” contest and came in second.


As you can see, the competition was fierce!


Of course the highlight of the week was the spiritual enrichment.

Judging from the enthusiastic stories I’ve been hearing since their return, I would say that this will be just the first of many such excursions.

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