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Keep on Strikin’

Things are pretty tense this evening here in Brazil, and the reason for the tension a general strike by Brazil’s truck drivers.

Basically, it works like this: Brazil’s government-owned petroleum company, Petrobras, has been steadily raising the price of gas – and in particular diesel – for some time now. Truckers have finally had enough. Four days ago they declared a strike, and since basically everything here in Brazil is delivered by truck this means that all of Brazil is slowly grinding to a halt. The big problem is fuel shortages, caused by lack of delivery. Long lines are forming at gas stations and airlines are canceling flights.

A meme making its way around Brazilian social media.

And as time goes by all goods that are delivered by truck – which basically means all goods – are beginning to dry up.

Because we are far away from the epicenter of it all, we had not felt the effects of the strike until now. But that will change tomorrow. Already this afternoon there were long lines at the gas station as I was coming home. I expect there to be even longer lines at supermarkets and open-air markets tomorrow.

What’s really impressive about this whole thing is how much support the truck drivers have. There is a general mood here that someone needs to take a wrecking ball to the corrupt government, and they are applauding the truckers for doing just that.

With this being an election year here, it will be interesting to see the impact this has in the coming months.

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