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Ebenezer: New Members, New Teams

Earlier today I posted the following on Facebook:

So…here are the details.

First, yesterday we had the privilege of bringing in two new members. Sidney and Celia have been attending faithfully for several months now, and are excited about taking this new step of commitment.

Second, in our annual meeting we formally elected the new leadership for the various areas of activity of our church. We have a lot of big plans for the following year, and these teams are excited about the possibilities.

Introducing the Ebenezer ministry teams for 2019:

The Deacons

…and one future deacon.

Evangelism and Missions


Treasurer and Vice Treasurer


The Auditing Committee


Secretary and Vice Secretary


The Digital Team

…responsible for, among other things, the Instagram account from whence come these pictures.

The Audio-Visual Dudes*

* Title roughly translated.

Sunday School Administration


Sunday School Teachers

And last but not least…


Not pictured: The worship team and the librarian.

Please pray for these workers as we take on what 2019 has in store for us.

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