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Charismatic Confusion: I Can Only Imagine…The Roaming Charges

In posting examples of what the charismatic and neo-pentecostal movements have done to Brazilian evangelicalism, it’s not a case of me scrounging around to find videos. Rather, I have a growing archive, and the challenge is deciding which one to feature next.


So today I decided to go with this one. In it, a pastor (!) talks about how he…how he…well…I’ll let him tell it (my translation below).


…Arriving (at the church) I began to do some heavy praying, saying “Jesus, I want to hear your voice. (he repeats this several times) If you love me, prove it to me…I want to hear you.”

Now let’s just stop there for a moment. He wants Jesus to prove He loves him…by talking to him, audibly. Because…you know…Jesus has not proven his love in any other way.

Ahem. The narrative continues:

I was there, crying, and suddenly my phone begins to vibrate. And I said “My God in Heaven, who is calling me now, right in the middle of prayer? I’m not going to pick up.” But a voice said “Answer it, answer it.” And so I went out to answer the phone, and I saw that there was no number…but I answered it, and the voice said “It’s me, it’s the Lord Jesus.” I was shocked. I turned white. I was happy. I was scared. I had no reaction whatsoever. And that was a turning point in my life…the day Jesus called me on my cel phone.”

In the rest of the video he, rather tellingly, takes to task anybody who might doubt his story. I mean…who could doubt a story like that, right?


Oh, you don’t believe him? Well then he tells a story about someone who a friend of his knows who got a phone call from the devil.

Question: do Jesus and the devil use the same plan?

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