They Know. They’ve Always Known.

Two news items caught my interest over the last week. At the face of it, they are not related. But as we progress in this short article, the connection will become very clear.

The first involves the heartbreaking case of a young mother who was pursued by the police for allegedly shoplifting. In the course of the chase she tried to run over one of the officers with her vehicle, and was fatally shot. The situation is tragic on many levels, but for the purposes of this post I want to focus on the headline to this article (a variation of which appeared on many news sites):

Did you catch that? No? Let’s zoom in:

It’s not a fetus. Nor is it a clump of cells. It’s a baby. A human being. And when they want us to sympathize with the mother and family in this case (and I’m not saying we shouldn’t), they know exactly what to call it. Just don’t ask them about all the other unborn babies routinely dismembered at the local abortion mill.

And speaking of the local abortion mill…surely the people of there have been able to deceive themselves into believing that they are not killing humans, right? Right?

Steel your nerves, my friend, then watch this video: (source)

Notice three things: 1) they know what they are doing, 2) they find it funny, and 3) they are looking for ways to cope when their conscience speaks up a little too loudly.

Of course the only way to truly “cope” with the inevitable self-loathing brought on by the systematic murder of the innocent is to seek forgiveness through transforming faith in Christ. And part of the “transforming” part means to stop killing babies. Lacking this, their condemnation is sure. Even were ignorance some sort of excuse, they could not claim it.


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