Camp Update: Let There Be Light! (More Photos Added)

Nathanael and I spent this last Tuesday and Wednesday at the camp, where the work on the electrical installation continues.

Usually I take Michael, but this time I decided it was time for some “Dad and NayNay” time, and he was actually a big help.

For example, he figured out how to assemble the toilet seats we took out, and did a few all by himself.

The finished product…

On Tuesday we also hired a truck to take several large items to the camp, among them three power line poles and several wooden spools which will be used for tables and chairs.

The spools and power line poles upon their arrival at camp.

While there we were able to check up on the work in progress. And there has been a lot of progress!

Our electricians installing the wiring at the pavilion.


A conveniently located palm tree is serving as one of our power line poles.


Nathanael next to one of the newly-installed power lines.


The new light fixtures at the pavilion.


This is the 21st century, and people gotta be able to charge their cell phones!

Of course installing the electricity is just a prelude to our main project for 2019, which is the building of the kitchen. And we are already making progress on that as well. Here you see the land being cleared off where the construction will take place.

Update: This afternoon I received news from our electrician that the entire project has been completed. He sent some pictures:

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