Camp Construction: Progress and Speedbumps

Today and tomorrow I am at the camp property with Pastor Francivaldo to check up on construction, purchase more materials, and pay workers.

After our wildly successful work day on the first of this month, we faced two major hurdles: the truckers’ strike effectively killed our plans for a second work day, and several of the materials that we had previously ordered were not delivered, stopping construction for about two weeks.

Today Pastor Francivaldo and I were able to unravel the problem of the undelivered materials. They should be rolling in tomorrow morning…we will be there to make sure it happens.

Because of other activities planned for the near future, the next work day will probably be in August or September, at the earliest.

These pictures show the construction project as it stands right now. All the aluminum framework for the stalls and showers has been built, and is awaiting the PVC dividers to arrive. On the pavilion, we are waiting for the beams to be delivered for the construction of the frame for the roof.

Among the things to be delivered tomorrow is the 3000 liter water box, which will go on top of the bathroom.

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