Blast From The Past

Best of Instagram…other people's stuff

Here are some of the better pictures that showed up on my Instagram feed over the past month or so. All original artists are credited. Visit them and show some love!

A great perspective on the Palacio dos Leões, by @enockrodriguess

Iconic view of the historical district of São Luís, by @meumaranhao_

Nothing to do with Brazil, but a beautiful composition by @guiguri

File under: places I want to visit. #brazil #amazon #theatre #manaus #Repost @ozimogeo ・・・ Teatro Amazonas

A photo posted by Andrew Comings (@andrewcomings) on Jul 21, 2015 at 7:37pm PDT

The Amazonas Theater in Manaus, captured by my friend @ozimogeo

Source: initial

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