No, not the title of some “alternative history” novel. Two actual pictures I received as part of a collection of pictures taken by the first BMM missionary in Brazil. The first one shows the airship over a typical northeastern Brazilian home of the time:
German Dirigible
This next one leaves no doubt as to the nationality of the lighter-than-air craft:
German Dirigible
A closeup:
German Dirigible Closeup
So what was a German dirigible doing in Brazil in (roughly) 1936? I did a little research and found this site, which answered the question for me:

In 1925, the Allies permitted Germany to resume construction of long-range rigid dirigibles for their own use. Under Dr. Hugo Eckener, the Zeppelin Construction Works completed the Graf Zeppelin, with a capacity of 3,700,000 cubic feet (105,000 m 3 ), in 1928. The airship made many transoceanic flights with a special service between Germany and Brazil. It flew around the world in 1929.

So, pioneer missionary captured the Brazil-Germany dirigible in flight. This is just one of the fascinating things we find in these pictures. I will be sharing more as time goes by.