When They Kick Us Off Twitter (and Some Other Internet Miscellany)

I’m certainly not the only one who saw the handwriting on the wall when the big tech companies colluded to de-platform Donald Trump. If they can do that to the sitting president of the United States, and get away with it, what is to prevent them from doing it to little ol’ me?

Answer: absolutely nothing.

In a previous article I mentioned that in the days ahead Bible-believing Christians (but I repeat myself) must be prepared to be marginalized. One of the forms this marginalization could take is an increasing difficulty in finding an online platform.

“We regret to inform you that your web content does not align with our newly-updated user agreement…”

All of this has caused me to think through my online strategy. I’ve made a few changes, and solidified some other aspects of said strategy that were already in place.

My Purpose for Being Online

The purpose of any believer doing anything should ultimately be the glory of God. Our online presence should be no different. For this reason, I have never been one to leave social media platforms voluntarily. I understand how many believers may want to send a message by leaving, and if that is you, more power to you. For myself, however, I believe it is important to occupy spaces in the public square for as long as those spaces are open to us. For this reason I will be on Facebook and Twitter until I am forcibly removed.

I would be perfectly OK with maintaining those two platforms alone, were it not for my second purpose in being online, namely to communicate to all of you about the ministry God has given us in Brazil. As many of you have migrated to other social media networks, I feel obligated to migrate there as well.

Hence, you can find us as @andrewcomings on MeWe and Gab, as well as on Parler, should it ever open back up. Don’t look for unique content on any of these alternative platforms. In fact, I will basically just be cross-posting my articles from this website on all of them. Should Facebook and Twitter become unavailable, these might serve as alternate venues of communication, for a while anyway.

Beside the above-mentioned sites, you can also find us on Linkedin and Instagram.

Some Changes Here

Part of my re-thinking involves this site. Due to a recent increase in traffic I decided to go back and weed out the posts, going back to when I began blogging in 2003. I have been throwing out the “chaff” and bringing the articles I decide to keep up to the current visual standards of this website.

This has been a truly humbling experience, as I thought that surely there would be more worthwhile articles. So far, after going through posts from 2003 to 2008, I have kept a grand total of sixteen.

Part of this has to do with how blogging has changed since 2003. Back then Facebook and Twitter didn’t exist, and my blog is full of little blurbs that today would be relegated to a tweet.

However, to be perfectly honest, a lot of what I wrote in those days reflects my youth, inexperience, and a writing style that now makes me cringe. Hopefully, things have improved a little since then.

To see most of the old stuff that has made the cut, you can go to the Writings category and scroll all the way down.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this “housecleaning” post. Now back to our regularly-scheduled programming.


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