Things Are Not As They Seem…

As we hiked around the city of Caririaçu the other day, Nathanael and I happened on what appeared to be a dead end street.

Curious as to why the city government decided to end the street at that location–with a large neighborhood just beyond–we walked toward the fence. When we reached it, we discovered that our eyes had deceived us.
This was the scene that greeted us.

It reminded me of how many times over the last four years I have formed an opinion of somebody, only to realize that there was much more to them than I originally imagined. There was the academically-challenged seminary student who is now an outstanding pastor. Then there was an English student I had, wife of a veterinarian. I never would have dreamed they were spiritually hungry. Now both of them are saved and sitting in my doctrine class, preparing for ministry.

Or what about the stuck-up, self-righteous pastor’s kid from Upstate New York who God shook up and sent to be a missionary in Brazil?

Ever tempted to think a person is a “dead end”? Remember that God sees the whole picture–and try to see that person the same way.

Talk back to the missionary: Ever been surprised by what God did in the life of someone you considered a “dead end”? Share with us in the comments section.


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