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Snapshots of Missionary Life: Vacation in Carolina

Usually these “Snapshots” posts are collections of random images culled from our Instagram account. Today will be different, however. Since we have so many beautiful pictures to share, I decided to post them directly to this page.

Last week we were able to get away for a long-anticipated, much-needed, vacation. Officially, it was in celebration of our 20th wedding anniversary, and was supposed to happen in July. However, due to quarantines, we were forced to postpone it until August.

We are very grateful to some good friends who made this possible through their generous gifts.

Now…on to the pictures.

Carolina is a quaint little town in the southwest part of our state. It is located on the Tocantins river, and surrounding it are several large rock outcroppings which contain many beautiful waterfalls.

Similar to pictures I’ve seen of the American West.

Our trip took eleven hours by bus, and then another three by car. We were accompanied by another couple, dear friends of ours from the Ebenezer church plant.

Upon our arrival, we set out to visit the first of our destinations, a place called Cachoeira de Dodô.

As with most of these destinations, there was hiking involved.


But the hike is always worth it.


Swimming in these waters was just what the doctor ordered after almost a day of travel.

The next day we set off for the São Romão and Prata waterfalls. After over two hours in a 4×4 vehicle, bouncing over very rough terrain we were rewarded with some spectacular views.

The São Romão waterfalls.


The four of us under the waterfalls.


The view from underneath.


The Prata waterfalls.


Next on our list was the Cachoeiras Gêmeas, or “Twin Falls”. Thankfully, this one involved no long hikes or drives.

Very nice…not as much hiking.

After a pleasant morning at these waterfalls, we embarked on an afternoon expedition up the Tocantins river, which provided us with some of the most spectacular pictures of the entire trip.

Our mode of transportation.


Peaceful waters, lovely reflections.


She’s queen of the world!


And then there was the sunset…


Even after the sun went down, the beauty was breathtaking.

The next day we said goodbye to our friends, Alex and Liang, who had to return to São Luís.


Adventures are best experienced in the company of good friends.

A few of the attractions were still closed due to the pandemic. On our last full day in Carolina, one of the more popular destinations opened up. We were fortunate to be among the first to enter the Poço Azul (Blue Well). And wow…what a place!

The Poço Azul, in all it’s beauty.

Next to the Poço Azul was the Santa Barbara Waterfall…a truly spectacular place.

There were kayaks available…so of course we had to get closer!

Our final stop for the day was at another lagoon, called Encanto Azul – Blue Enchantment.

We ended our last full night in Carolina with dinner at a restaurant overlooking the Tocantins River, taking in once again the spectacular sunset.

It’s been almost a week, and already we are back up to our ears in ministry. But, thanks to this short getaway in one of the most beautiful sections of Brazil I have yet to visit, we are refreshed and energized for the tasks ahead.

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