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Redefining Jesus, Brazilian Style

One of the clearest indications of exactly who Jesus is and what He represents is the near obsessive interest that different groups have in redefining Him to fit their own parameters.

Over at our sister site, we recently reported on one of the more egregious attempts at re-definition that happened here in Brazil. The following is a video of the event, with the translation and comments we provided over at the Best of Brazil blog to follow:

Translation: I’m here today to say to you all that Jesus is a transvestite, yes! Jesus is a transsexual, yes! Jesus is a f**, yes! (obscenity)

A little background: his words came as a protest over a play that was canceled…a play that depicts Jesus as…you guessed it…a transvestite.

As can be seen from the video most (but not all) of the audience present was enthusiastic for his words. However, Brazil is a deeply religious country with strong Catholic roots and a vibrant Evangelical community. Needless to say, this did not go over all that well.

What follows on our blog are several tweets showing the reaction of people of faith to these inflammatory comments.

Enter the United Nations, who, with it’s well-known commitment to the protection of religious groups from defamation, stood up to defend Christianity from this egregious assault.

Except that’s not what happened at all.

Translation: Using art to make society aware of LGTBI people’s rights, singer Johnny Hooker is a Champion of Equality in the “Free and Equal” campaign in Brazil.

Brazil’s Christian community is not impressed.

Translation: And what if it was Allah in place of Jesus, would the UN be so concerned about awareness?

Translation: So you support whoever vilifies the religion of the Christians, calling Jesus Christ a f*** and a drag queen? Is that the type of people you support? This is why we want Brazil to leave this pig stye that is the UN.

Translation: This is how it works; You attack Christianity in a shallow, baseless, gross and offensive way. Some Christians attack you back because they felt disrespected at seeing their religious figure mocked (which is a crime). At this point you use those attacks to make yourself a victim. = Fame

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