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Reading List for September, 2021: Too Little, Too Late

Events and duties conspired to make September’s reading list small, tardy, and lacking in the eclectic variety to which you, gentle reader, have become accustomed. Nevertheless, here it is. In compensation, October’s list promises great things.

The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan

I’m in a race to finish Robert Jordan’s “Wheel of Time” books before the Amazon Prime series comes out in November. The second book, The Great Hunt, lives up to, and perhaps even surpasses, the high standard set by the first. If Fantasy is your genre, and you have not yet jumped into “Wheel of Time” – DO IT!

The Dragon Reborn by Robert Jordan

“The Dragon Reborn”, third book of Robert Jordan’s epic “Wheel of Time” series, fully lived up to the expectations set by the first two. Looking forward to diving into the next books, after I have whittled away at some of the other, shorter books on my list.


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