Our Collective, Colossal Hypocrisy

If there is one thing that unites our fractured American society today, it is the universal acknowledgement that Jeffrey Epstein was human scum.

Upon his arrest, there was great rejoicing across the social and political spectrum, as there was outrage at his “suicide”. And now, with the arrest of his accomplice, Ghislaine Maxwell, hope springs anew that those who participated in Epstein’s circle of perversion will one day see justice.

In an age where almost anything goes, there is still one thing that definitely does not go – the abuse of the innocent. Or so we tell ourselves. It probably helps us sleep better at night.

For you see, the Epstein affair reveals far more than just the depravity that exists in the higher echelons of Western society. It also puts the spotlight on the massive hypocrisy of the hoi polloi – a double standard that reaches into every corner of society.

While we raise our voices in outrage over the dark things that took place at Epstein’s island, there are popular websites that routinely profit from child porn and human trafficking. We’re not talking about some obscure corner of the Internet, here. According to the article at the link, one of these sites gets over 115 million views per day.

That means that, statistically speaking, any number of the people who by day are angered at the names to be found on the flight manifests for Epstein’s private jet, by night are indulging in the same wretched fantasies and supporting with their clicks the same wicked industry.

And that’s not all.

Let us not forget that our nation is the one where, in 2017, over 800,000 babies were systematically dismembered and ripped from their mothers’ wombs – a practice that is at once completely legal and vehemently defended by a large segment of our society.

How vehemently? The other day I engaged with someone on social media, bemoaning the fact that, amidst the BLM hype, there was no corresponding outrage about all the black babies being murdered through abortion (speaking of hypocrisy). One of the people in the comment thread – who doubtless would join me in the anti-Epstein column – was so put-out by my comments that they made a donation, then and there, to Planned Parenthood, and then proceeded to trumpet it as some sort of moral victory.

Do you see what’s going on? We have become so twisted that broadcasting our donations to America’s largest abortion mill has become a virtue signal. In fact, apparently the only discovery that can cause any kind of a backlash against Planned Parenthood is not that they kill hundreds of babies per day, but that their founder was an unabashed racist.

But Epstein now…that guy was bad.

And our national hypocrisy when it comes to the exploitation of the innocents does not end there. Far from it. From the wokest of all woke companies using child labor for their products, to the perpetration of transgender treatments for children, to the abuse that is regularly uncovered in our own churches…the list goes on and on.

Please don’t get me wrong. I hope Ghislaine sings like a canary. I hope every single person, famous or not, left or right, who participated in Epstein’s gross activities gets frogmarched to the slammer, never again to see the light of day.

But if we hope God brings judgement to them for their abuse of the innocents, our mouths must be stopped when he pours out his wrath on our nation for the same reason. It is time, not for great national rejoicing, but great national repentance.


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