Some time ago I posted about the evolution of my daily running routine from “just something I did to stay healthy” to “a bunch of guys from the church bonding” to “official church running day”.

Now, there is one more addition to the trajectory: “fund-raising for church construction”.

This idea was actually born on one of our Friday runs with the guys. Pastor Francivaldo decided to take the idea and…well…run with it, and the result is that on January 11th a group of intrepid runners, having obtained sponsors, will be assembling at the Itapirac√≥ park. The proceeds will go towards the construction of the Ebenezer worship center, slated to being next year.

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Venham participar!

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And here is the really cool part: You can participate!!!

Itacyara, Michael, Nathanael and myself will all be running in the event. We would like to challenge our friends and supporters in the US to sponsor one (or more) of us for a given amount per kilometer run. It can be any amount. If you are interested in helping out our church construction project in this way, send me an email (brazilnut72 at gmail dot com), and I can fill you in with more details.

Meanwhile…I’m warming up!

*A line from the classic PDQ Bach Cantata Iphigenia in Brooklyn.

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