Musical Interlude

Musical Interlude: Jingle Bells, Brazilian Style(s)

Our musical interlude comes a little early this week, as I wanted to include this final Christmas number before Christmas.
In the US I was often asked “what is Brazilian music like?” There is no short answer to that question, as Brazilian music is highly varied, with each region of this vast country developing its own distinctive styles and rhythms over the 500+ years of its history. The video below (which was first brought to my attention by several friends on Facebook) gives a little glimpse of this fact, by mixing several styles from different regions and cities into one arrangement of “Bate o Sino”–which is “Jingle Bells” in Portuguese.

I must say, I LOVED this video. I am a fan of many of the Brazilian musical expressions, and this video did a great job of mixing them up and fusing them together. And, lest there be any doubt, there are several styles that were not included. To get them all, the video would have to be much longer.
Update: If you read the credits at the end, you will notice that several of these musicians hail from Juazeiro do Norte and Crato, where we called home during our first term.

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