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I Am the Man Who Accompanied Itacyara Comings to Ceará

The quip at the beginning of this JFK news conference (from the beginning to the 0.58 mark) has always amused me:

And now I know how he felt.

Last week it was my privilege to be the speaker for a missions conference at the Peace Baptist Church in Juazeiro do Norte, where we spent our first term as missionaries. I was thrilled to receive this invitation. I have come to suspect that the church had ulterior motives.

No sooner had we set our feet in the lovely Cariri Valley than my wife Itacyara – aka The Brazilian Bombshell – was whisked away to one ministry opportunity after another. It became clear to me that, while I was the speaker billed on the conference poster, my wife was the main attraction.

From Friday night to Saturday morning she participated in this all-nighter. Her theme was “A Woman’s Values”.
Speaking before a group of ladies on Monday night.
A rapt audience.
The ladies in attendance.
Her topic was “Challenges in Marriage”. Hmmmm…
This is a group of girls who were single teens when we lived there…now all mothers with children.
She also found herself having many counseling opportunities…like with this mother and her daughters…
…and with this young lady, among many others.

In addition, ladies from a sister church prevailed upon her to show them how she had painted the nursery at our Ebenezer congregation. She happily obliged.

A work in progress.


The semi finished project.

Please understand, despite the tongue-in-cheek way I began this article, I am tickled pink at the overwhelming appreciation shown to my wife over the course of our trip. I have absolutely no problem being her biggest cheer leader, and I have a feeling this is only the beginning of an ever-expanding ministry for her. She is already scheduled to give another lecture, this time here in Maranhão, this weekend. I know it will be a blessing to all who attend.

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