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Ebenezer’s Birthday Conference, With A Little Added Excitement

Our churches here in Maranhão have a tradition of holding an annual conference to celebrate the church’s anniversary. This year Ebenezer celebrated eight years since her founding, and one year since becoming independent.

The church invited Pastor Leandro Lins, from the state of Ceará, to speak on the topic of “Living According to the Will of God.”

Pastor Leandro, bringing the Word.

As is our custom, the ladies met on Sunday afternoon and were blessed by a talk from Pastor Leandro’s wife, Vitória.

The ladies of Ebenezer, with Vitória Lins.

The excitement I mentioned in the title came on Saturday night, after the service. As people were milling about, fellowshipping around birthday cake and soft drinks, a local man careened onto the church property in his vehicle. It was by the grace of God that nobody was hit.

Obviously under the influence of alcohol, he tried to turn around, and ended up hitting one of the parked cars. Then he exited the car and became aggressive towards one of our church ladies. Her husband stepped in between them and successfully drove the man off.

The inebriated man was the son of one of the church’s neighbors. The father came by later and apologized, in tears, for his son’s behavior. The men embraced him and prayed with him for his son. We are hopeful that this incident will lead to an ability to reach out to this family.

We are also very grateful to God that what was already a dicey situation did not become a whole lot worse.

Banner photo: The Ebenezer congregation (members and attenders) on Saturday evening of the conference.

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