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Weekend in Chapadinha

Confession time: I am a hillbilly at heart. Even though it appears as though our next term of ministry will be in a Brazilian city of over a million people, I love the sticks. More specifically, I love the Brazilian sticks–or mato as it is called here. The laid-back pace, the friendly, hospitable people, the peace and quiet…
For this reason the past weekend with Itacyara’s family in the interior town of Chapadinha was just what the doctor ordered. Below are some pictures–taken on a cell phone so the quality is not that great.
Ebony and Ivory
One of the great things about the interior of Maranhão–as opposed to the rest of the Northeast–is the abundance of water. Hence, it is easy to find water holes. Here Itacyara and I posed just before I jumped into the water hole behind us.
Another cool thing about the interior–animals! Mikey was especially thrilled with this paca.
As well as this arara.
Look At The Parrot!
Nathanael was fascinated by the arara.
Os Netos da Maura
Of course the best part of the week was the family time. Here are Mikey and Nathanael with a few of the their cousins–affectionately known as netos da Maura–or Maura’s grandkids.

Talk back to the missionary:
So what about you? Country cousin or city slicker? Let us know in the comments section.

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