I have purposefully avoided any mention of the Spitzer case on this blog for a number of reasons. However, two articles which came across my “wire” this morning cannot go without comment.
First, there is a Brazilian connection. Somehow, I knew there was going to be a Brazilian connection. There usually is.

clipped from www.nydailynews.com

Authorities want to speak to Brazilian madam about Eliot Spitzer: source

Schwartz, who was convicted of running a high-end midtown brothel in 2006, told her family she was being deported and would arrive Saturday. Instead, she’s stuck in the Bergen County Jail in Hackensack, N.J., awaiting deportation.

A source close to Schwartz said she’d been told she would be deported and was packed and ready to leave. Then, the source said, authorities wanted to question her about disgraced Gov. Spitzer and another prostitution ring.

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The second item related to “Spitzergate” has to do with an article that came to me via Reality is Out There–one of my regular reads in Brazilian blogland.
Apparently a scientist named David Fleischer has definitively fixed the blame for the whole mess. And the guilty partner? Why, Protestantism, of course!
The following is my translation from an article that appeared in Brazilian newssource Terra:

“The problem is with the protestant ethic of moralism. It is a heritage. Adultery is a taboo. Just like it was a taboo not to elect a catholic president for fear that he would be subservient to the Vatican.”

Um…no. Eliot Spitzer is responsible for his own demise. Protestantism had nothing to do with it. If our Protestant heritage has anything to do with the outrage felt by the nation over the events, then I say “three cheers for the Protestant heritage!”
Now let’s pull this whole thing together: I feel for Spitzer. I feel for his wife and I ache for his teenage kids, but I especially feel for Spitzer. Hard times are only made harder when you know that what is taking place is entirely your fault. My hope and prayer is that he and his family will find the healing, forgiveness, and victory that can ONLY be found in Christ. As Christians, none of us are in any position to be throwing stones. Instead, we should be on our knees in prayer for Spitzer, his family, our state (those of us who call NY home), our nation, our generation.
God can and will get glory to His name through these events. May it be through the conversion and radical transformation of those involved.
Ok…the subject is closed on this blog. I promise.