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This morning my oldest son did a couple things that earned my displeasure. My reaction was to deprive him of a much-anticipated ice-cream treat.
As I sat in my office after the “incident” I began to reflect on how much I have offended God in my life, and how much grace I was shown when, 2,000 years ago, Christ died on the cross for those offenses. Suddenly Mikey’s offenses and the ice-cream reward seemed paltry in comparison. So, I called for Mikey and we set off for the ice-cream parlor.
On the way I decided to make this a teachable moment to explain to Mikey about the grace of God. Our conversation went something like this:
Me: So you see Mikey, just like I am extending grace to you by allowing you to have some ice-cream, God extended grace to you by sending Christ to die on the cross for your sins so you could go to Heaven.
Mikey: (after a short pause) Dad, let me tell you about the cool bird I saw today.
What will this kid be like in Bible college?
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Talk back to the missionary: In the comments section share with us some of the more memorable “teachable moments” you have had with your children.

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