As of 7:51 this morning, Itacyara is officially on her way to Brazil to visit her ailing mother. The set of events that made it possible for her to go is truly a testament to the sovereignty of our God.
On Monday morning I came to the office with no idea how I was going to get my wife to Brazil. All I had was a list of phone numbers given to me by Jim Leonard. One of the first numbers I called was to a travel agency in Tampa called Costa Brazil. The Brazilian lady who took my call seemed genuinely touched by our situation. She said she would look for tickets and get back to me.
A couple hours later she called back and told me she had a ticket available for an unbelievably low price–almost $1,000 lower than anything I had found up to that point. Even though it was low, however, it was still more than I could afford.
My pastor had asked to be kept appraised of the situation. I called him and told him about the low ticket price. Within an hour he came by and handed me the money to buy the ticket, plus a little more for my wife to spend once she got to Brazil.
I then drove to Tampa and picked up the ticket from the travel agency. At 9 a.m. I had no idea how my wife was getting to Brazil. By 4:30 p.m. I had her ticket in my hands.
As I talked to the travel agent, she told me she had been lucky to get that price. I was able to smile and tell her that it was not luck, that God had used her answered our prayers and the prayers of many of His people.
Please continue to pray for Tassie as she travels, for her mother and siblings, and for Mikey and I as we keep the home fires burning here in Lakeland.
Also, if you ever decide to travel to Brazil (say, to visit us once we get down there), I would highly recommend that you check Costa Brazil, and tell them I sent you. They were very professional, cost-effective, friendly, and efficient.