I have been working on a couple Photoshop projects related to a couple of our ministries. The first is a logo for the 2008 season of the Iguatu camp.


The next two have to do with a series we are doing in our teen class at church on the “Five Solas” I gave them an assignment to learn the five Latin phrases that express the foundational principles of the Protestant Reformation. I decided to sweeten the pot a little, and so next week one lucky (or is that “providentially favored”?) student who can give me the list and their definitions from memory will receive a t-shirt with the following image on the front.


In case you are wondering, that is Martin Luther in shades. On the back of the shirt, the list.


I have another Photoshop project in the works–a promotional folder for the seminary–that is proving to be the death of me. I think when I get done with it I will swear off Photoshop for some time to come.[p