As promised, here is a full report of our weekend puppet school.

We started out on Friday afternoon at the registration table. Each participant got a manual and a name tag.

“The puppets were layed out on the table with care…”

Our first day consisted of instruction in the basics of puppetry.

We made extensive use of videos to illustrate our points. This is our technical setup.

One of our biggest advertising points for the puppetry school was that each student would actually make their own puppets. Here is the kit we used, developed by Cicero and Anice.

Anice administered the puppet-making session.

The students put in their best effort.

The results were amazing!

When they had finished making the puppets, they put on programs using their new creations.

I shared some final thoughts on the philosophy of puppet ministry. Mikey helped.

We finished off the event with a little “graduation” ceremony.

In all, 32 people participated in the school of puppetry. Most were from this area, although there were a couple people who came from other states. We look forward to hearing of the fruits as these people take this powerful tool back to their churches.
If all this talk of puppets has put you in the mood to do a little “puppeteering” yourself, you could start by checking out Cowboys Kings and Villains, a collection of puppet skits with biblical messages I have written over the years.