Today started off with a bang. For the past several months my G5 iMac has been on the sick list with a broken disc drive. As a result, I had not been able to get it online with it. Today, however, I was able to fix the drive all by myself and connect it to the internet. Now we have a working desktop at home! Now my wife and I can communicate while I am at work! Now I can start making DVD’s for the puppet ministry, the seminary, and anything else that comes along!
A friend of mine who shall remain unnamed is less than thrilled, feeling that the above symbol represents original sin. Biblically, however, it must be remembered that nowhere did it say that Eve ate an apple. It could just as well be that the logo represents the fruit from the tree of life, which Adam and Eve–Microsoft users that they were–were not allowed to partake of.
And yes, this entry was composed on the Mac.