This afternoon I met with Francisco Bezerra, the missionary we help to support in the state of Maranhão. (For those who may be new here, Franciso was my wife’s pastor before we met). He is here for the first ever MAB (Missão Batista Auxiliadora) missionary conference. I helped him to organize some pictures he wants to show during one of the sessions.
Since Maranhão is our destination for permanent ministry, I though I would share some of the pictures from his work–the Kerigma Baptist Church.
Pastor Francisco and Family
This is Pastor Francisco Bezerra and family. Francisco has been working in São Luís for over twenty years, first as a pastor and now as a church-planter.
Kerigma Congregation
This is the Kerigma Congregation. Francisco has been working at this church-plant for about four years, and it continues to grow.
Service to the Community at Kerigma
One of the more exciting things going on at Kerigma is the community outreach. They regularly set open the church building and offer services like medical consultations (above), beauty treatments, etc to the low-income community where the church is located.
The church is outgrowing it’s present facilities. A while back they bought an unfinished building across the street from their present installations. Below are “before and after” pictures of the building.
New Kerigma Church Building
Front Door of Kerigma Church
Please continue to lift this ministry up in your prayers. As is the case with most of our works, finances are a constant struggle. Pray for Pastor Francisco and his family, and for us as we make plans to go to Maranhão to work along side of them. We are convinced that God has “many people in this city”.