It was September, 1996, and I was in my first week of studies at the former Spurgeon Baptist Bible College. One of the many decisions I had to make at that point in my life was what church to attend while studying in Florida.
I forget just how it was that I ended up at Fellowship Baptist–probably somebody at school who had a car was going, and happened to have room.
I do remember in detail what made my decision to stay. As the evening service was progressing, the song leader asked if anybody in the congregation had a verse they would like to recite. A lady stood up a few rows behind me and began to recite. In the course of her recitation, she tripped over her words.
“I’m sorry,” she said. “I get my Portuguese mixed up with my English sometimes.”
That got my attention. After the service I went back and engaged her in conversation in Portuguese. I discovered that she and her husband were retired BMM missionaries to Brazil, and that there were two (now five) other families in the church with ties to Brazil. I stayed.
Since that day, I have tremendously appreciated the ministry of Pastor Piatt, and since going on deputation, have discovered that this church has a heart for missions. They have been 110% behind us in our effort.
Just recently God has shown us quite explicitly how blessed we are to be a part of this church. Nine years ago, I had no idea these people would be such a blessing to us.
Thank you, God, for bringing us to this wonderful congregation.