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Missionary Max Update

I have been surprised and pleased over the last several months as many readers have expressed their enjoyment of the Missionary Max series. Several people have asked me if there will be more.
Therefore it is with great pleasure that I make the following announcement:
Missionary Max is in the process of being published!
The good folks at Creative Fuel Studios out of Poulsbo, Washington read the Missionary Max manuscript, and offered to publish it. It will appear first as an e-book, and then, hopefully, in traditional book format. Not only that, but they have contracted me to write three (3) more books in the series between now and October, 2012.
So, there is much more Missionary Max on the horizon. This has been in the works for some time, and much progress has already been made. I have seen and approved the rough draft of the first cover. I have received the edited copy from one of the staff editors (who, incidentally, runs an outstanding blog on books and writing and such), and have returned it with corrections for her approval. Shortly there will be a Facebook page and other such things. Of course I will be updating you here as soon as I can with any new developments.
Because this is now an official copyrighted work (woo hoo!) I am going to have to remove most of the Missionary Max posts from this blog. But that’s ok, because the manuscript has undergone mucho improvements since it was first posted here. In a salute to pure, unadulterated capitalism, I am leaving the first chapter up so new readers can get a little taste of what the series is all about.
A big THANK YOU to all who were a great encouragement during the process. My prayer is that this fictional missions adventure will serve to inspire young people (and perhaps some not-so-young people) to pursue the very real adventure of missions

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