Today will not go down as one of the most effective days in the life of the Comings family. Here is a brief recap.
1. After getting packed and checking out of the hotel, we left to go to the Brazilian Consulate. Our little Mikey is eligible to become a Brazilian citizen, and we wanted to take care of that. So far so good.
2. The Brazilian consulate is on Bayshore Drive. We soon discovered that there are two Bayshore Drives in Miami. Actually, “soon” is probably the wrong word to use. We left the hotel at noon. We arrived at 3:30 pm. Needless to say, we know downtown Miami VERY well.
3. Upon our arrival at the consulate, we filled out the necessary paperwork, and stood in line. Finally, we were waited upon, only to discover that one of the documents that we had was not valid. We need to get the valid one and return.
4. We arrived home in Lakeland at about 9:30 pm. What a day! At least we got some good “family time” in the car!