From Steve Camp’s website, here are the top ten signs you may be in a bad church. I have seen alot of strange things on deputation, but so far nothing this radical.
10.) The usher asks if you prefer the smoking or non-smoking section
9.) Foyer includes beverage machines to give you a choice of soft drinks, Snapple, bottled waters, and exotic coffees.
8.) Regular attendees earn frequent flyer miles
7.) Sunday School replaced by an extreme image make-over class with Dr. Phil
6.) Baptismal tank has a wave-maker machine installed
5.) Twenty dollar cover charge at the door
4.) Sign out front has latest pastors name written with dry erase markers
3.) Offering plates mounted with credit card swipers
2.) Worship team performs their favorite Led Zeplin medley; with an altar call of “Stairway to Heaven.”
1.) Banner across front of sanctuary reads, “Today’s Worship Service Brought to You by Chevrolet.”