…fail, fail again!
I have been given the task of making promotional posters for our upcoming VBS and for Itacyara’s English School. Tonight I decided to tackle the project. First, the VBS poster:
Truth Detectives
“Come be Truth Detectives!” I thought this was a very cool concept. Unfortunately, my most valuable critic (aka “The Brazilian Bombshell) panned it as soon as she saw it. Too “grown up” was the verdict.
Undaunted, I set to work on the English school poster:
English School Poster
Seriously, I felt that this was some of my best work. The powers that be (once again, aka “The Brazilian Bombshell) was less than impressed.
For what it’s worth, the lion is thinking to himself “That beaver is making me hungry!” It’s comedy gold, I tell you!
Sigh. I should probably get some sleep before I tackle this again.