One of our seminary students, Carlos Heron (pictured above with his family) is currently in Africa looking at the possibility of starting a mobile dental ministry–possibly a joint project with ABWE. I am amazed at how God is bringing people together from around the world to spread the Gospel of Jesus.
Heron is a dentist who came to the seminary with the express purpose of better preparing himself for missions in Africa. Early on he decided that it would be necessary for him to perfect his English before he went, as he would probably be working with American missonaries. He asked me if I would speak to him only in English. He also began filling out his weekly ministry internship forms in English.
Since I have known Heron he has been an example of single mindedness and determination. It is very exciting to see him take this big step, and see others getting on board.
There may be a trip to the US for him in the future as he contemplates raising his support. If that happens, I will be sure to let our stateside readers know. You will really want to get to know this guy and his family.
In the mean time, be praying for them this week as they take their survey trip in Senegal and Gambia.