I wish I was in Brazil. Of course I believe I have mentioned that–or at least hinted at it–before. Now, however, that God-given desire has intensified!
The reason is that I am in New York for meetings, and the temperature has hit a one hundred-year low. What did I do to deserve this? How is this preparing me for ministry in Brazil?
Actually, God has given us plenty to do to keep busy:
We are sharing our ministry in several churches.
We are working with Guilherme, a Brazilian foreign exchange student staying with my folks here in the (frozen) North.
I have been able to expand the web aspect of our ministry, with several positive results.
I am working at McDonalds again part time (more witnessing opportunities).
We are feverishly preparing for our ministry trip in March.
Busy does not even begin to describe us. People shouldn’t be allowed to have this much fun!