On Friday night the seminary hosted a festival of choirs. A couple church choirs participated, as well as the student choir. Below are some highlights.

This is the choir from Fonte de Luz (Source of Light) Baptist Church. They did an peppy little number in Greek(!) which was one of the evening’s favorites.

Marcos Perin is a graduate of our seminary who is now playing serving as music pastor for one of our local churches. Here he plays a violin solo.

Sara is a first-year student with a tremendous vocal ability. Her solo was very well received.

One of my favorite numbers was this a capella piece by the seminary choir.

Meet Renato and Marcos. Both are music pastors at their respective churches. Both are graduates of our seminary. Renato is the director of our music program. In that capacity he is training church musicians who will leave here and go to all corners of Brazil. Marcos has developed a program to give music lessons to underprivileged children. Together, Renato and Marcos are raising the cultural level in our churches, and in our community at large. The evidence of it was in the quality of the musical praise offered up at this year’s Choir Festival.