In the interest of being more informative about Brazil and all things Brazilian–and in order to make the best use of my Christmas present–I am starting a new series on this blog. Once a week we will feature a Brazilian stamp (or stamp series) along with information related to the person or event it commemorates.
FEB Stamps
This first one is perhaps my favorite series of the entire collection. The stamp on the top left shows the participation of the Brazilian air force in the Italian campaign. The next one over pictures the Brazilian navy in the South Atlantic campaign. The bottom-left stamp shows the FEB (Força Expedicionária Brasileira, or Brazilian Expeditionary Force), once again in the Italian campaing. The final stamp shows the special participation of the Brazilian mail service in the war.
We have covered this part of Brazilian history before on this blog. You can read that entry here (it includes video and pictures, plus an expanation of the emblem featuring a snake smoking a pipe).
Talk back to the missionary: What interesting things have you learned from stamps?