If I didn’t know that author Agostino Van Hassell was of German origin I would be tempted to suspect he was from Georgia.
I picked this book out in hopes that it would shed some light on one of the greatest figures in the Civil War. I was deeply disappointed. Far from giving a “fair-and-balanced” view of the life of William Tecumseh Sherman, this book relied on heavy speculation as to what motivated him, and presented an overwhelmingly negative view of the man who–together with General Grant–made the northern army a victorious fighting force.
The author seemed unable to get past the warts and see the genius. His formative years were emphasized, his Civil War experience was spoken of in the broadest of terms, and his post-war years were given the briefest treatment. An example: no mention at all is made of his lasting friendship with his Civil War foe General Johnston.
I suspect that if Sherman himself were to read the book, he might say something like “Vox biographer, vox humbug!”
Brief Legal Notice: The book was free, the review is me.

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