It’s only fitting that, as a missionary, every once in a while I should review a book about missions. And Our Last Great Hope: Awakening the Great Commission, by Ronnie Floyd, bleeds missions. His purpose is to stir the hearts of believers for the task at hand.
If I had to summarize it in one phrase, it would call it “every missionary conference you have ever been to, between two covers–and then some.”
First, the “every missionary conference” part. I must confess that I was a little disappointed at first. Not in what Floyd was saying, mind you–this successful pastor is right on the money when he speaks of the need for the Gospel in today’s world, and for the resources necessary to meet that need. However, I was expecting some innovative ways to meet that need, and at the outset there seemed to be more of “here’s what” than “here’s how”. So while I found myself nodding in agreement–and even voicing the occasional “amen”, I came away feeling like I had read nothing that had not been written or spoken many times before.
But then came the “and then some” part. In chapter 5 he begins talking about “capturing our communities”, and this is where the book really soars. In fact, I would say that chapter five is worth the price of the book for it’s practical and innovative approach to missions. It has me re-thinking the way I look at the city of São Luís, looking for “people groups” and “cultural clusters”. This section is peppered with details of his own church’s ministry to people from the Marshall Islands and…cowboys. It is good reading for anybody considering missions.
So, I would recommend Our Last Great Hope. You will likely read some “more of the same”, as well as some “new and improved.”
Here ye, here ye: I received this book at no cost from Thomas Nelson Publishers, in return for a review. I am in no way obligated to give a positive evaluation.

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