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Book Review: Everyone Communicates, Few Connect by John C. Maxwell

Effective communication and “connecting” are subjects near and dear to a missionary’s heart. Almost everything he does–from church-relations to on-field ministry–rises or falls on his ability to connect with others. Therefore, John C. Maxwell’s latest offering, “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect”, is timely and relevant for all involved in missions. Without a doubt it is valuable for just about any other line of work as well.
Maxwell is an acknowledged “leadership guru” and prolific author, whose flagship book “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” has become a classic in that field. With this latest volume he focuses on the subject of communication.
But this time there’s a twist.
Before the book was published, Maxwell made the manuscript available online and invited readers to contribute. The result is a collaborative effort that brings the experiences of a host of “regular folks” to the table.
“Everyone Communicates, Few Connect” is divided into two sections of five chapters each. The first section deals with “connecting principles”, and the second with “connecting practices”. In reality, I found the entire book to be very practical. It has made a difference in how I approach our visits to supporting churches while home on furlough.
For example: common missionary wisdom dictates that one make a video presentation, or at least a quality Power Point presentation that is presented at all churches. However, based a principle Maxwell brings out in his book, I have made a special presentation for each church we have visited so far. The result? Our time has ceased to be a “report” and become a time of family sharing.
That is just one example of how I have benefited from this book. If you work with people in any way (and unless you are stationed at a one-man observation post in the arctic, chances are good you do) you will benefit from it too.

Talk back to the missionary:
What principles do you follow to connect with those around you? Share them with us in the comments section.
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