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A Comings Family Christmas

Most of you are prohibited geographically from spending time with us on Christmas day, so we thought we would bring a little bit of our Christmas to you.
The Animal Book
Those who know Mike know his love of animals. Hence, he was thrilled with this large, hard-cover book filled with glossy, high-quality photos of every kind of animal imaginable. Although his sharp eye was quick to point out where the authors of the book got it wrong–confusing a chameleon with a Komodo dragon. The very idea!
Nathan and Car
Nathan is into anything with wheels. He was not disappointed this year!
Nathan Opens his Scooter
This scooter fit right into the “wheels” theme.
Here Itá holds up a book about her favorite detective, Adrian Monk. She was thrilled with it. (whew!)
Itacyara got me a great addition to my stamp collection–the 2004 series of Brazilian stamps–this even though she insists that stamp collecting is “a hobby for nerds”. I am sure a host of stamp collectors will adjust their pocket-protectors and rise to my defense.
Christmas Banquet
Over the years the highlight of our Christmas celebration has been our evening meal, when we invite young people to our house for a Christmas dinner. This year we had a record sixteen guests, which–when you add in our family–comes to twenty people. The food was wonderful, and the fellowship was even better.

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  1. Merry belated Christmas. Looks like you had a fun day. We did too. Two of the girls are with Daniel and Emily camping at the beach (they invited Laura to go with the youth group). Marie is is Albany NY with her boyfriend for a few days. Next week life will return to as normal as a Kirby life can be.

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