April, 2020

Reading List for April, 2020: Adventures in Myth with C.S. Lewis, Jordan Peterson, and Homer (as well as some other stuff)

I thought I was going to finish more books this month. Still, I guess seven isn’t bad when one of...

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An Update from the Mount Zion Baptist Camp

Franciélio, one of the members of our camp development team, and I went to camp on Tuesday and returned on...

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Musical Interlude: Quarantined Brazilians (and one American) Sing “O Wondrous Love”

Last week I posted a video by a group of young people, some from our churches here in Maranhão, who...

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What Do Missionaries Do on Lockdown?

Well, let’s have a look shall we? We study and write. View this post on Instagram A post shared by...

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Musical Interlude: Quarantine Does Not Prevent Brazilian Young People from Praising God

A few of these kids are personal friends of ours. Turn up the volume and prepare to be blessed. As...

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