Blast From The Past

My Name is Deivid

On Wednesday the Rio de Janeiro teams Flamengo and Vasco faced off in a hard-fought game. The final score was 2 to 1 Vasco, to the sadness of Mikey and the great joy of his mother. What made this game memorable, however, was not the score, or even the spectacular goals. No, what everybody remembers…

Missionary Max

Max Moment: The Island of Cabrito

Though it has no spoken lines, the Island of Cabrito is one of the major characters in the Missionary Max saga. Many pictures of islands have served as my inspiration for how it looks, such as the one below: As for the culture of Cabrito, I have no further to go than the island where…

Blast From The Past

Carnaval Retreat Kerigma, 2012

If you get our bi-weekly e-mail, you know we asked for prayer regarding our congregation’s Carnaval Retreat–to be held at the Boy Scout camp. I am thrilled to report that the retreat was a rousing success, tents and all! Below are some pictures: Setting up the tents The kitchen ladies at work Lunch line! Mikey…

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Nay Nay’s Costume Party

We are seriously lacking in overall cuteness here, so here are some pictures from a costume party held yesterday at Nay Nay’s school. Batman, ready to party! Batman and older brother “Clowns to the left of me…” “…witches to the right of me.” Fairy princess That dynamic, crime-fighting duo: Batman and Mommy! Batman takes a…

Missionary Max

Max Moment: Another Giveaway!

In case you missed the first giveaway–hosted at this site–my good friend Pete from Mission Brazil is hosting another one. Just go to his site and follow the instructions–which are very similar to the ones from the last comment. And hurry–there are only 19 copies left! The Astonishing Adventures of Missionary Max, Parts 1 and…

Brazil News and Views

Passing of a Servant of God

Frank Jertberg It was October, 2005. Itacyara, Mikey and I were at Fellowship Batist Church in Lakeland, saying our final goodbyes before embarking on our Brazilian adventure. After the hugs and tears, I was about to walk out the door when an old friend–veteran missionary of many years in Brazil–motioned for me to come over….

Brazil News and Views

Feeling the Love

Over the past months, ever since I discovered the site, you have seen several links back to Deep Brazil, as it has proven to be a valuable source of information on Brazil and all things Brazilian. At one point they even posted a set of vintage post cards from Rio that I sent them. That…

Book Reviews

Book Review: 1822 by Laurentino Gomes

This review is for all you lusophones out there (you know who you are). On a recent bus trip from Juazeiro do São Luís (made longer than normal by five hours spent on the side of the road in Piaui) I read the book 1822 by Laurentino Gomes. The book covers the year of the…