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Adventures in the Sertão

Yesterday Pastor Francisco and I returned, safe and sound, from a whirlwind tour of the states of Piaui, Pernambuco, Bahia, and Ceará. The occasion was the annual conference of MAB, the Baptist Auxiliary Mission here in NE Brazil. Pastor Francisco is a MAB missionary, and I am on the advisory board. This year’s conference was…

Missionary Max

What People Are Saying about Missionary Max

It has been a couple weeks since the debut of The Astonishing Adventures of Missionary Max (part one of three parts), and we have been gratified by the number of people who have purchased it. Some have even left comments in various places, and these have been very encouraging as well. Here are a couple…

Brazil News and Views

Deep Brazil

As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently stumbled upon an outstanding blog called Deep Brazil. Regina, the author, works very hard to present Brazil as she really is, digging deeper than the popular (mis) conceptions of samba, rainforest, and soccer. Because I am such a fan of this blog, it was an honor…

Brazil News and Views

Lego Creations

I came home the other night to find Mikey and his neighborhood friends gathered around the table, busily putting together some Lego creations. I was impressed with the detail and creativeness they demonstrated. Here are some of the finished products: Not sure what’s it’s called, but it’s got Jar Jar Binks, and that’s all that…

Brazil News and Views

The Showdown on Ze Bom Bom Hill

Behind our Kerigma congregation stretches a sizable neighborhood called “Coroadinho”. It is known as a hotbed of crime and violence. Within this neighborhood–and within sight of our church–is a hill named after a colorful figure from Coroadinho’s past known as “Ze Bom Bom”. If Coroadinho is a hurricane of crime, Ze Bom Bom hill is…

Blast From The Past

A Missionary Max Update

We have been gratified by the positive response to the publication of The Astonishing Adventures of Missionary Max, Part 1 ebook. Since it’s release, there have been a couple more developments. 1. For all you Nook users out there, Missionary Max is now available for you. 2. Missionary Max has his own Twitter account, which…

Brazil News and Views

The Sleeping Giant Awakes

First, this is a wine ad. Truth in advertisement would dictate that the slogan be “Keep Staggering, Brazil”. Second, I get the irony of the “If you drink, don’t drive” warning at the end which appears with the “Keep Walking” line. Yet, this is an interesting graphic representation of how many Brazilians perceive their country….