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The Passing of a Hero

Today I received word that pioneer missionary Harold Reiner had passed away. Ever since I met him in 1989, Harold has been one of my heroes. His son Tim had graciously invited me–then a seventeen-year-old kid who had never been outside of the country (Canada doesn’t count)–to spend two months with them in Brazil. Throughout…

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Missionary Cribz

For the last month we have been in the “moving in” process. We finally have some areas of the house that are actually organized to the point that they are photo-ready. Here, then, is the first episode of “Missionary Cribz”. This is the front of our house. For a long time the two wooden chairs…

Brazil News and Views

Meet Me in São Luís: Old Pictures

Meet Me in São Luís is an ongoing series, the purpose of which is to educate the world at large about the beautiful, enchanting, little-known city of São Luís, Maranhão. Recently, in looking for some pictures of my adopted city, I came across this Flickr set of São Luís of yesteryear. I thought it would…

Book Reviews

Drive-By Book Reviews

Frustrating though it was, the weeks we spent without internet access did give me the chance to catch up on some reading. What follows are some quick reviews of some of the better books I have read over the last couple months. Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton Part of an ongoing project to read Chesterton’s works….

Brazil News and Views

Dia dos Namorados Event

Brazilian’s celebrate their equivalent of Valentines Day on June 12th. As that fell on a Sunday this year, the Kerigma congregation held a Dia dos Namorados event on the 11th. Despite the date, romance was in the air! Declarations… Hugs… And even smooches!

Family News

My First Funeral

Two nights ago I was awakened by what sounded like bare feet shuffling in front of our door. I jumped out of the hammock (ok, I half-rolled, half-fell out of the hammock) ready to do battle with the intruder. To my great relief, it turned out to be a medium-sized waterfowl (we still don’t know…

Missionary Max

Missionary Max Update

I have been surprised and pleased over the last several months as many readers have expressed their enjoyment of the Missionary Max series. Several people have asked me if there will be more. Therefore it is with great pleasure that I make the following announcement: Missionary Max is in the process of being published! The…

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Scouting in Brazil

Some may remember that, while on furlough, Michael joined a Boy Scout troop. He greatly enjoyed this activity, and so, on our arrival in Brazil, we sought out a local troop for him to join. Saturday was his first event with the troop, and he loved it! Michael with the Brazilian Boy Scout troop. Michael…