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Scenes of Victory

In case you missed it, or are American, Brazil beat Chile to advance t the World Cup finals yesterday. The score was 3 to 0. Thus, at the house where we watched the game, the following scene was repeated three times: For some reason, Brazilian player Kaka is a special favorite among the young ladies….

Brazil News and Views

End of an Era

Last night was the final presentation of the Amiguinhos de Jesus, a puppet ministry that began sixteen years ago. Incidentally, our last presentation was at the Faith Baptist Church in Juazeiro–also the site of the first presentation “way back in the day”. I mentioned this to one of our puppeteers, and her response was “Wow!…

Brazil News and Views

More Conference Pics

Here are some pictures given to me by one of our students of the Intentional Discipleship seminar and Theologcial Conference. Here is another picture of me translating for John A. Stewart. Notice how I am “one with the microphone”. Every day we began the session with prayer for the progress of the Gospel in different…

Brazil News and Views

Divine Appointment

The above phrase–“Divine Appointment”–is a difficult one to translate into Portuguese. The word “appointment”, as in a doctor’s appointment, is translated “consulta”, which carries more the idea of a consultation. But the phrase “divine consultation” does not at all carry the same meaning as “divine appointment”. I discovered this last week as I was translating…

Brazil News and Views

Flooding in NE Brazil

These pictures, and the following comments, are from friend of mine, missionary in the city of Recife. Our part of Brazil has been spared this flooding, but this is just 8 hours away from where we live. Please pray for the church as they mobilize to help the people effected by this disaster. clipped from…

Brazil News and Views

The Art of Falling

As long as we are on the subject of the World Cup, I have to share these two videos. First, one that shows the difference between the training regime of the Brazilian team and the Argentine team. And then a scene from yesterday’s game, demonstrating that it is not only Argentines who have mastered this…

Blast From The Past

What’s the Score?

If you have been watching the World Cup, and have been as annoyed as I have with the vuvuzela, this musical transcript is for you. Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch! Talk back to the missionary: So what do you think? Should we keep the vuvuzela, or should it get a red card?

Brazil News and Views


There is a Missionary Max episode in the pipes, but first I have to make up a test for my students and take care of a couple other administrative tasks. In the meantime, I live you with this, which comes to me via RioGringa. Enjoy. Talk back to the missionary: Brazilians take no end of…