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Congratulations to Tiago Fernandes

clipped from   Brazilian winner of the Junior Singles division of the Australian Open. Not surprisingly, I heard about this first from my Dad. Talk back to the missionary: Besides Pele and now Tiago Fernandes, can you name any famous Brazilian athletes? (This question obviously directed at our North-American readers). Demonstrate your encyclopedic knowledge…

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Super Missionary?

As we prepare for our first furlough we are filled with trepidation. This, after all, is uncharted ground for us. Therefore it is a help when veteran missionaries share what it is like, as colleague Tim Reiner has done in an excellent way over at his site. Check out his article, and never look at…

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The Results Have Been “Padded”

It was highly anticipated, full of gimmicks and rhetorical flourishes, and in the end disappointed many. And no, I am not referring to Obama’s State of the Union address. I am talking about Apple’s announcement of the new iPad. The iPad comes in several versions. Below, via Justin Taylor, is the one that seems most…um…practical….

Book Reviews

Book Review: The White Horse King

If you do not know much about Alfred the Great, have never heard of Alfred the Great, or think that Alfred the Great must be Alexander the Great’s little brother, you should add The White Horse King by Benjamin Merkle to your reading list. This book will give you a crash course into the life…

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São Luís Report

Many are probably wondering about the end result of our trip to Maranhão–besides the adventures with exotic wildlife and culinary novelties. After all, one of the main purposes of our trip was to get an idea of where we will be ministering on our second term. As we began our trip there were two places…

Brazil News and Views

Crustacean Delight

I am sitting in the lobby of a hotel in the city of Picos, where we have stopped for the night on our way home. Three years ago this was relatively comfortable hotel, whose main advantage was the low cost. Three years later the cost has remained low, but the hotel has made great strides…

Brazil News and Views

Termite City

As we approached our destination on yesterday’s journey we noticed whole fields full of large termite nests. This, of course, presented a great photo-op, especially for Mikey. Mikey was thrilled with these termite nests. They are truly amazing examples of the wonders of our Creator. Whole “civilizations” work underneath these mounds which–proportionally–tower above anything man…

Brazil News and Views

Highway Adventure

If you follow our tweets you know that we are currently in the city of São Luís, at the home of my brother-in-law. Our trip was uneventful as far as we were concerned–no major car troubles, no accidents. Just as we were leaving the city of Picos, climbing the ridge that surrounds that city, we…

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Haiti Earthquake

This is from the Baptist Mid-Missons website about the Haiti disaster. Today the Brazilian press is reporting several Brazilian soldiers dead or missing in the quake. clipped from Media sources have reported up to three million people being affected by Tuesday’s 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti, with estimates of more than 100,000 dead. The…