August 16th will mark six years of continuous blogging here at Comings Communiqué. In commemoration of that august event, I am going to resurrect some of the best posts buried deep in the archives of the blog. This one comes from the first month of the blog’s existence:

Vision for the Future
When God gives somebody a vision of what He can do through their lives, it becomes an overbearing passion that grows stronger with each passing moment. I thought that today I would take a little time to share with you (and the vast sea of humanity that comprises the regular readers of this blog!) the vision God has given me.
Let me quickly add that this is not the last-night-I-had-a-vision-that-I-must-gather-a-following-of-people-and-lead-them-in oxcarts-to-Utah kind of vision. I say this in case anybody happens to be reading from here or here or even here. This vision is, rather, a deep desire that is the product many years of prayer and supplication. (Proverbs 3:5-6)
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