By far the most entertaining aspect of watching the instalation of a new Pope (ie, leader of arguably the largest false religion in the world) was an online conversation I had with a friend of mine during and after the proceedings. The first part of the conversation can be seen here.
Later on, our conversation turned to the possibilities presented by the near universal TV coverage of the proceedings. Below are our ruminations on the concept of a new reality show based on this event. This sort of thing is usually limited to my Xanga site, but I figured readers of this blog would be entertained by this as well.
[14:43] me: survivor…vatican city
[14:44] kev: survive the papal mosh pit
[14:44] kev: or be voted out of the priesthood
[14:44] me: LOL
[14:44] me: all the contestants gather in a conclave at the end of each episode
[14:45] kev: if the smoke puffs black, you’ve been excommunicated
[14:45] me: LOL
[14:46] me2: they blow out your mitre and you get kicked out of the papal state
[14:47] kev: if it puffs white you can pick a stupid name for yourself and be buried in a santa suit
[14:48] me: LOL
[14:48] me: ROFLOL
[14:48] me: and you get a lifetime supply of eggs benedict
[14:48] kev: lol