Brazil Soccer
Today, Brazil beat the US in a soccer match. Nothing new there. What is new is that the US had Brazil 2 to 0 at the first half, thus providing their fans with the hope that they might actually pull it off.
This was not to be. Brazil showed up in the second half and showed their true colors, and the US team folded like a styrofoam cup in a microwave. Final score, 3 to 2, Brazil.
A few random thoughts:
Random thought #1: In all truth, it should have been 4 to 2. The ref missed what was clearly a goal by Brazil. I was super impressed with the way Brazilians kept their momentum after that.
Random thought #2: Kudos to Brazilian coach Dunga for not putting any “celebrity players” on the roster. One could argue that Kaká is a celebrity player, but as the announcer said during the game, he doesn’t act like one.
Random thought #3: Those horns the South Aficans play make the stadium sound like a swarm of flies. Hope that doesn’t catch on worldwide.
Random thought #4: If the US team keeps developing the way they have been over the last couple of years, they will be a serious force to be reckoned with come World Cup time.

Random thought #5:
God forbid that the US should meet up with Brazil in the World Cup. I don’t know if I can handle that kind of stress.

Random thought #6:
The most beautiful of all goals scored game was the second one made by the Americans during the first half. It was a work of art. Don’t believe me? Check it out:

Random thought #7: I am constantly told by Brazilians “you have to cheer for Brazil, because you are in Brazil”. A quick scanning of the statuses of my Brazilian friends who live in the US reveals that they were, without exception cheering for Brazil. Anybody care to explain?